About Us

Anamosa Floral was purchased by Sandy Brodersen and Stacy Osterkamp in 1990.  Since that time, the store has grown from 1 room to 5, all filled with the things we love!  And with the expansion, many new gift items have been added.  Yankee candles, rugs, lamps, wind chimes, memorial items, artificial flowers, green plants, fresh flowers and many more items, along with antiques!  In our store, we decorate with the new items and incorporate the antiques to see how they could be used in your home.

Browse through our website, and we hope you like what you see! Come and visit our store location!

We are still going strong since the fire in the building next to us.  We are able to take care of all your floral needs.  We are functioning in our back room until we get the front part of our store remodeled.  We are taking advantage of this unfortunate situation and turning it into a positive to better serve our customers. Our front door is now the old H & R Block building.

Please come and check us out in person, or on our beautiful website!

Sandy Brodersen